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Hubbard Systems, Inc., a privately held company, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, has been providing practical, high-performance debt collections software applications since 1985. A diverse population of debt collection related businesses throughout the country – including law firms, collection agencies, and financial institutions – continue a long history of using our software. We partner with our clients to achieve optimum results, and excellence in performance. Our clients have also formed close working relationships with each other through our users' association, HUBNET.

Jim Hubbard, a Certified Public Accountant, founded our company as Jim Hubbard & Associates, and developed the original software at a Mobile, Alabama law firm. Collection Partner®, our flagship software, was written to provide the most comprehensive, versatile and flexible collections software available. Collection Partner® also is the only system offering a complete and integrated accounting program written - thereby offering thorough auditing compliance capability. System enhancements are continuously added each quarter, and result from listening to our clients and incorporating their suggestions into process improvements and new features. Today, we feel we offer the most powerful, comprehensive and innovative collections software in the marketplace. It has proven suitable to firms of all sizes, and being completely scalable, has grown firms from fewer than 100 files to millions.


Our greatest asset is our satisfied client family. Our success rate depends on our qualified staff, which is why we hire only the most qualified people, including honors graduates, those with advanced degrees and certifications, and those with years of experience in collection firms and with applicable computer systems.


We provide solutions to hundreds of law firms, collection agencies, in-house corporate collection departments, and debt buyers and forwarders. Our software is designed to be flexible and to accommodate diverse collection practices, including retail, commercial, medical, subrogation, bankruptcy, mortgage foreclosure, and much more. See Collection Partner® for an overview of how our system can work for you.

Partners in Technology

Microsoft Certified Partner

In becoming a Certified Microsoft Partner, Hubbard Systems has – year after year - met rigorous technological requirements, passed high level exams, undergone extensive training, and earned certifications and customer recommendations. Continuing Education is strongly encouraged for all team members, and Certifications are a large part of our culture. Our continuing success in implementation of our skills sets, breadth of knowledge, and high level of support is maintained through our efforts in constantly striving for excellence in our expertise.

Interfaces are developed to ensure that we offer the best business tools available for our clients. We appreciate the importance in building partnerships that enhance growth and provide the technological advancements necessary to compete at the most advanced levels in our environment.

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