Collection Partner®
Compliance Features

Application Server Security

Available as an add-on module to Collection Partner®, our n-tier client-server technology completely isolates users from operating system level access to critical data. User workstations only need a small Thin Client application that connects to the Collection Partner® business logic server. Connections can be tightly controlled and use AES 128-bit encryption with the added security of a custom “seed” for the algorithm. Further security and performance advantages can be realized by distributing data and business logic among many servers.

Access Security

Included in Collection Partner® is a robust access security system using encrypted passwords and flexible rules for enforcing password complexity and expiration. User accounts can also be tied to Microsoft Active Directory or Linux server login credentials.

Consumer Identity Protection

Another included feature is the ability to mask important identity-based data. Consumer social security numbers, forwarder/ creditor account numbers, and driver’s license numbers can be masked on a user by user basis. These values and any others can also be masked for users of our optional Quick Query SQL reporting and database connectivity tools. All consumer account access is logged for each user. With our optional Quick Query SQL reporting tool, you have full reporting capabilities for these access logs and we can even help you use this to set real-time alerts.

Activity Controls

Through the use of group level and specific security settings, user access to consumer data can be restricted or enabled on a client by client basis. Claim access can be restricted based on status such as bankruptcy, deceased, active military, attorney representation, dispute, etc. Controls can be implemented which limit the user’s ability to request, alter or change specified documents or actions. Collection Partner® offers a robust set of rules to fine-tune document generation in response to any claim status. Even simple controls such as not sending letters to invalid addresses are easily implemented.

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