CP Imaging

Increased Productivity

You can achieve the greatest measure of efficiency, automation, and security, through the implementation of CP Imaging. With the elimination of costly data entry tasks, your office can instantly and affordably access any document and/or voice recording to review, share, route, or print. Increased productivity is gained with recognition engines extracting content from documents and recordings and converting them to electronic data and indexing the data for searchability. Data can be sent to a network folder, a software application, your Business Intelligence data sets, or to the cloud for consolidation and archiving. CP Imaging batch processing with automatic indexing enables high volume processing at optimum accuracy and in a fraction of the time taken without it.


Safeguarding the integrity of documents and their accessibility can now be easily and quickly accomplished. Documents cannot be lost or misfiled with the use of automatic indexing. The preservation of legacy documents enable recoverability in the event of a disaster or simple reference usage.


Sensitive data and financial transactions are protected through controlled access. Data security audits are facilitated with the quality of preserving integrity and security within and between volumes of data.

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