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Introducing the latest innovation from Hubbard Systems: Collection Partner® Quick Query. With this exciting new feature, you can quickly and easily get "under the hood" of your Collection Partner® system. Create your own simple reports that include just the information you need - specific and customized to your firm. This is all accomplished by using easy to learn standard SQL commands right from within Collection Partner®, with full access to all its data!

Unlike other systems that require you to purchase and learn third party software and install complex drivers to configure access, Quick Query works within Collection Partner®. The output is automatically launched in an Excel spreadsheet. Best of all, your queries are processed  using  live data. There is no waiting for lengthy import/export processes. The time it takes to run queries is limited only by the speed of your server and how much data you request.

So you don't know SQL? No worries - we can help! Hubbard Systems offers SQL training in our classroom, or customized learning in your offices. Our Microsoft SQL Certified staff is here for you. We can also help by writing and explaining some of the more complex queries that you may need. And all of your queries can be easily saved and retrieved for use anytime. We even encourage sharing them with other firms that are using Quick Query.

Quick Query is now included as part of our Collection Partner® BI business intelligence system.  For those not ready for Collection Partner®BI, Quick Query is a great first step.  And if you do decide to step up to CPBI within 12 months of purchasing Quick Query, we will apply its full purchase price to the upgrade.

Contact us today to see how you can put Collection Partner® Quick Query to work for you!


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