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CP 8.0 is the most significant update to Collection Partner® to date.  From custom screen creation to enhanced and expanded EDI interfaces, CP 8.0 gives you the flexibility necessary to meet your client's demands. With the NEW CP Business Intelligence Tool, Prism, you now have access to a SQL backend that allows you to create dynamic, agile and flexible custom reports for your internal and external needs.

Maximize efficiency, profits and control with Collection Partner® - the most comprehensive debt collection software available. Hubbard Systems, Inc. provides solutions to hundreds of law firms, collection agencies and in-house corporate collection departments. CP 8.0 offers the most comprehensive accounting capability available. This accounting versatility enables consistent, rapid and accurate reporting.

Collection Partner® includes interfaces to national networks and recovery systems which allow you to collect and communicate with forwarders faster and provide a high degree of accuracy with electronic data exchange. HSI will work with you on a project basis to create imports and exports according to your client's requirements. We also provide a complete suite of known exchange formats:

Some Collection Partner® Features:

  • Processing Files

    • Create your own screens OR use those provided with CP. Collection Partner® supports your data with a wealth of logically organized debtor demographic, employment, and balance screens. Maintain all the information you need in Collection Partner's customized screens for all types of specialty collections: Medical, Deficiency, Foreclosure, Eviction, Bankruptcy and more.

    • Easy File Access:

    • Quickly access any file or list of files with a name, social security number, driver's license, bank account and many more options…

    • Daily Work Flow:

    • Automatically organize your day by preparing a daily work list for each employee that includes file reviews, court reviews and docket review lists.

    • Balance Tracking and Payment Plan Options:

    • Always know today's account balance - the debtor's balance is displayed with interest through the present date. Calculate a payoff simply by entering the future date. Use the payment plan program to create and print an amortization schedule.

    • Multiple Accounts for One Debtor:

    • Conveniently associate multiple debts with Cross-Referencing (different creditors) or Linking (same creditors).

  • Accounting

    • Maintain complete control with Collection Partner's comprehensive accounting. When marketing to clients, the Collection Partner® accounting controls set you apart. This fully integrated module was written by Jim Hubbard, a CPA, and provides unique audit trails for ease in consistent, accurate, and rapid reporting.

      • Court Cost Management:

      • Work efficiently by having the system create cost checks to clerks, sheriffs, etc. Checks can be printed in conjunction with court documents or be generated on demand.

      • Remittance Options:

      • Options available by client: statement sorts, gross or net disbursement, single check per debtor or group per client. CP includes the most accounting options available from any collections software.

      • Multiple Trust Accounting:

      • One or more trust accounts with all the detail and summary accounting reports you will need to use one application to manage collections and your accounting.

  • Batch and Single Document Generation

    • Use Microsoft Word® or Corel WordPerfect® to design all types of documents you need for courts, clients and debtor communications.

  • Firm Defined Reports

    • Let Collection Partner's Firm Defined Reports satisfy the most demanding requests. These reports let you define the information you want to include, specify how it is sorted, subtotaled, and customize it with many more options.

  • Client and Corresponding Attorney Remote Access

    • They'll only review files you allow and you receive notice when they do.

Call now to implement Collection Partner® and start setting new heights for your collections practice.

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