Need to Collect Debt Nationwide?

Do So Effectively Anywhere - With Partner-To-Partner™

  • Have you established an electronic network of attorneys that allows you to collect debt from anywhere in the United States? Hundreds of collection agencies, debt buyers and law firms are already using Partner-To-Partner™ to do just that.

  • With the Partner-To-Partner™ network you can forward claims to the collection firms of your choice at the debtor's location and maintain complete control.

  • Since 1996 Hubbard Systems' Partner-To-Partner™ network has been used to forward over $7 billion in placements across the continent.

Now You Can Greatly Expand Your Collection Options

  • Establish a secure, seamless interface to communicate with thousands of attorneys from coast to coast to collect debt more effectively.

  • Using the internet, Partner-to-Partner provides a fast, reliable, and low-cost method of accurately transferring your data.

  • Centralized auditing and standard reporting features allow you to have up-to-date information to more effectively manage your cases.

With Partner-to-Partner™ You Always Have Access to the Information You Need

  • Create consolidated remittance and status information for clients.

  • Transfer and track all accounting transactions.

  • Reconcile claims between firms.

  • Generate the reports you need when you need them.

  • Prepare accounting and statistical summaries.

Data Exchange is straightforward and extensive for:

  • Placements
  • Case Activity Information
  • Special Requests
  • History/Status Court & Judgment Data
  • Closing Notifications
  • Acknowledgements
  • Debtor Demographic
  • Claims
  • Claim Recall
  • Adverse Attorney Information

Partner-To-Partner™ Provides Features Not Found with Other Networking Systems All at a Lower Cost

  • No gatekeeper between you and the receiving firm.

  • You decide who you forward to and establish your own relationships.

  • An identical copy of the case-related data resides both on your system and on the receiving firm's system.

  • You have access to all case activity and status on your system.

Interface with Other Networks

Not only can you transfer claims within the Partner-to-Partner network, you can even use it to interface with nearly any other network that exchanges debt collection information. Imagine having one central hub for all you different interface formats Partner-to-Partner brings it together.

We're Here to Help!

There are many ways to structure your Partner-To-Partner installation. Hubbard Systems will work with you to figure out what works best for you. To find out more about how you can start collecting debt more effectively give us a call or email.

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