"Cohen McNeile and Pappas, P.C. have been enthusiastic supporters and users of Jim Hubbard's since 1987. We would not have had the ability to attract and maintain major national credit grantors in our two states Missouri and Kansas without the wonderful support from the people and the products provided to us by JH&A (Jim Hubbard & Associates). We are excited to be moving to a new hardware platform, and look forward to many more years of support from the wonderful crew in Birmingham!"

Jim McNeile
Cohen McNeile & Pappas P.C.
Leawood, KS

"Jim Hubbard himself demonstrated Collection Partner® in our offices. We were pleased to join forces with Jim, and we are delighted to have grown in our law practice along with Hubbard Systems. We get great support and appreciate all of Hubbard Systems' staff."

Winn Davis Brown, Jr.
The Winn Brown Law Firm, PLLC
Southaven, MS

"Our firm started with Hubbard Systems (Collection Partner®) in April of 1997 and have been using them ever since. We find the product is very user friendly and easy to learn and since its implementation, Hubbard Systems has made great strides in improving the system and its capabilities. The staff at Hubbard is great, they are always available to help me whenever I need assistance and are always friendly and responsive."

Jenny Owens
Abendroth and Russell Law Firm
Des Moines, Iowa

"Quick Query provides Miller and Steeno unprecedented real-time access to our Collection Partner® data. The ability to use the industry standard SQL language allows our firm to leverage existing database knowledge to provide quick substantive reports without performance degradation."

Ron Miller
Miller and Steeno, P.C.
St. Louis, Missouri

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